Title is subject to change.

I have another idea for a story that is loosely based off the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. An egg is the last one left in his carton, and he lives in a sad grey construction by himself. He has drawings of his old egg friends to keep him company, but it’s not enough. He throws himself off a wall.

I have a visual idea of what I want this to look like- dreary grey egg carton constructions and an intense feeling of loneliness. He tries to cope with his solitude by drawing his friends on the wall/on cutouts with a sharpie, but it’s not the same. Humpty would be a simple egg with arms and legs and a sad expression.

I had a scene in my head where at one point he has coffee at a table across from a drawing of another egg. He folds his hands and broods.

There are eggshell remains and yellow stains that he has to clean up.

He could possibly save the shells from his friends and make little graves for them as well.

He could wistfully look out the window.

He sits on the wall and thinks. He takes a deep breath and dramatically and slow motion jumps off the wall. An ominous version of the Humpty Dumpty jingle plays in the distance.

So far it isn’t a very exciting story, I’m trying to come up with things he could do to make it more interesting. Right now my only twist is on the classic tale where rather than accidentally falling off the wall, he does it on purpose. He doesn’t want to be put back together again (because he’s so broken inside too).

Maybe then a new carton of eggs could replace his old one- showing him just missing the arrival of more eggs?

I would really appreciate some suggestions as to how I could make this story better- Thanks.